You can get unstuck. You can heal. You can grow.

As your therapist, I will walk with you through your journey of change.

As we move through life, we all have times when things don't seem to be working. Perhaps you've noticed a way of interacting with your family that you don't like. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by pain--from recent events or events long ago. You might feel lost. Through a personalized and collaborative process, I can help you heal and propel your life and relationships to a better place. 

I take a holistic approach to therapy, believing that mind, body, spirit, and relationships equally impact our lives. I will draw on your strengths and resources while helping you examine patterns, both individually and interpersonally, that may cause you to feel stuck.


Couples Counseling

We offer couple, family, and individual therapy for a wide range of topics and concerns. 

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Individual Therapy

If you are facing a transition or feeling stuck in your life, individual therapy can give you the boost you need!

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My specialties include:

  • working with couples who would like to increase intimacy and decrease conflict
  • assisting clients during life's transitions--including diagnosis of an illness, career changes, and children leaving the home
  • helping adolescents and their families overcome not only inevitable challenges faced in teenage years, but additional difficulties like anxiety
  • assisting families struggling with stress from immigration and family reintegration